We integrate our unique Real PlayImprovising with real experiences and real executives, to create tangible behaviour shifts and powerful new approaches, in the moment. Experimenting with metaphor and physicality to enable deep change. methodology with our own distinctive modelsExecutive Presence, The Trusted Advisor, Influencing with Agility, Personal Brand and a host of well grounded development tools, to provide fresh focussed experiences that deliver real business results.

Individual and team coaching
Our executive coaching programmes run for a specified period, towards concrete measurable goals,during which coach and client meet at specified intervals. For individuals this is typically once a month with telephone contact in between; for teams it might include live coaching at team meetings. The period is sufficiently short to create momentum and focus, and sufficiently long to create in depth change and embed it. Examples include developing personal / collective brand inorder to stand out and fulfil potential; accelerating confidence, credibility and impact in new roles; or fostering emotional intelligence in order to maximize relationship capability and performance. Clients are responsible for driving their own learning and the coach draws on a powerful range of different tools and approaches to facilitate this.

Making powerful presentations to
large audiences

"You helped me flex my natural driver style and find a better way to engage personally. The way you challenged, coached and pushed resulted in getting the most out of me. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their personal impact with groups."
Business Development Partner
Ernst & Young
Leading the organisation through its
next phase of growth

"We knew that we needed help in changing our business, but we didn’t know what, how or when. Through coaching us as a board of directors, Karen triggered a complete transformation of strategic and organisational running of the company. Profitability, co-operation and operational efficiency have been the result. I look forward to further input from Karen and I fully expect the impact to be equally explosive."
Board Director
Murdoch Asset Management

Experiential workshops
Workshops vary in length from 2 hours to 2 days, depending on need and budget. They may focus on rehearsing and refining an imminent presentation before going live; enhancing a very specific skill for example dealing with conflict in group meetings; or finding breakthrough on a recurring challenge such as leveraging relationships in key accounts. Led by highly experienced facilitators, the focus is on experimentation and creativity as vehicles for fresh insight and significant real time shifts. While the group may be larger, 6 to 12 participants is usually ideal for harnessing challenge, support and debate.

Increasing personal impact within teams and across departments
"The workshops have been so popular with our audience of department heads, deans, directors and members of University senior management teams that we have added an additional event to this year's series."
Director of Operations
Leadership Foundation for Higher Education

Modular programmes
Our programmes comprise an optimally designed series of coaching sessions, workshops and activities over time to build excellence, within a leadership community, in a core aspect of executive presence and influence. In some, participants experience the full programme; in others their modules are optional for those that have a key need in a particular area. The programme leaders will typically be joined for key modules by specialists from Turquoise Sky, our broad network, or the client organisation. There is a strong emphasis on applied learning. Programme examples include building impact in the boardroom; developing Trusted Advisor relationships; creating a step change in personal leadership.

Enhancing market share through developing business at board level
 “Being able to put new ideas into practice, in the safe environment provided by your team, has enabled me to build my confidence and ability to create and manage peer relationships from
the outset with a number of new executives. Your practical approach, grounded in pragmatic problem solving, continues to add real value to my own development and my business results.
I often think about what I have learned from working with you and recognize that you’ve taken
me on a personal development journey, the consequences of which will be with me for a long
time to come.”

Vice President, Financial Services