Executive presence and influence, whether individual or collective, is dependent on how you identify, think, feel and behave in the context of your stakeholders and environment. Your own style and impact is deeply rooted in patterns that you have developed over time in response to different experiences and needs; some serve and some limit performance and many are locked within the subconscious. The challenge for growth is to heighten awareness of yourself and others, maintain and evolve healthy patterns, and develop an agility and distinction that frees you up to create success in any situation. At Turquoise Sky we are catalysts for this change.

We work in a focused, systemic and integrated way with.....

rational intelligence – the judgment and conditions that you put on yourself and others; the mindsets that determine your attitude; your ability to look objectively at relationships and circumstances to determine the best course of action; the decision-making criteria and habits that you adopt; your propensity for thinking ahead of the game and cutting through complexity.

emotional intelligence – the ways in which you recognise and act on emotional signals; the degree of trust and connection you engender; your emotional resilience and strategies for dealing with stress; the ability you have to express yourself constructively and manage your emotional state in different scenarios; your capacity for empathy and for getting underneath personal agendas and group dynamics.

physical intelligence – your ability to use different senses in calibrating situations; the way you channel your energy, space and environment to positive effect; the acuity with which you listen to your body and rely on gut feeling; your attention to posture, pace and vocals and their impact; the speed at which you are able to adjust to different environments.

existential intelligence – your sense of purpose and personal contribution in relation to the greater good; the degree to which you recognise beliefs and values and use them as guidance; your capacity for systems thinking and discerning consequences at macro levels; the sense of connectivity and belonging that you engender; the 'brand' congruence between what you stand for and the way you are experienced.

Our clients want to make an immediate difference to their presence and influence and to continue to develop in the future. We work with you in a way that brings both immediate, tangible results and long term sustainable growth, through facilitating.....

fresh perspectives – blending our own research together with multiple disciplines and looking at things differently; provoking robust debate and feedback in a supportive and challenging environment; synthesising years of experience and expertise into simple, memorable models and techniques.

fresh experiences – conducting live real play with senior executives based on their own authentic experiences; working with metaphor as a tool for creating meaningful change; providing challenging opportunities for improvisation and experimentation.

real results – working towards measurable goals in the context of current challenges and the big picture; encouraging risk and pushing the boundaries; focusing on key levers, driving specific actions and embedding learning where it matters most; creating a strong sense of purpose, ownership and motivation.