We bring our distinctive Inclusive LeadershipRaising awareness of decision making triggers and unintended attitudes, and aligning organisational systems, to create sustainable shifts in behaviour and culture. Building inclusive leadership approaches throughout the organisation as well as empowering talented individuals from minority or disadvantaged communities. approach to generate fresh insights and deliver real business results.

Individual coaching
We coach business leaders on creating an inclusive environment within the part of the organisation, or programme, they are responsible for in order to optimise performance. We coach emerging leaders in minority groups on accelerating their careers and leadership. Our coaching programmes run for a specified period, towards concrete measurable goals, during which coach and client meet at specified intervals. Our focus is on working with the coachees’ current issues, as case studies, to generate meaningful learning and action. Examples include attracting and retaining Generation Y employees, working with multi-cultural clients or overcoming personal limiting beliefs and behaviour. Coachees are responsible for driving their own learning and the coach draws on a powerful range of different tools and approaches to facilitate this.

Improving personal leadership and performance
“The coaching gave me increased confidence and visibility in my role as advisor to different business units. The challenging and pragmatic approach enabled me to put things into action with immediate positive effect.”
Senior Finance Business Partner

Experiential workshops
Workshops vary in length from 2 hours to 2 days, depending on need and budget. They are designed for leaders generally or specifically for those who are in a minority group. The former may focus on a very specific aspect of diversity and inclusion, such as unconscious bias or inclusive conversations, or on developing inclusive leadership skills in a variety of situations for example cross cultural client relationships, conflict handling and selection interviewing. Workshops for minority communities include personal brand, networking and influencing. Led by highly experienced facilitators, the focus is on personal reflection and experimentation as vehicles for fresh insight and real time shifts. While the group may be larger, between 4 and 12 participants is usually ideal for harnessing challenge, support and debate.

Building the inclusive leadership capability of senior officers
"Mark is a very insightful individual who clarifies issues in a personable way. I always enjoy working with him, as a contributor on our programs, as he is knowledgeable and not afraid to challenge inappropriate or bad practice.”
Program Director
National Police Improvement Agency

We support diversity leads, human resource directors and organisation leaders in establishing the areas that need addressing, and in selecting and implementing the best tools for doing so. Our diversity audit enables clients to get a clear and comprehensive view quickly and can be tailored with a specific focus in mind, for example corporate social responsibility, business development or women in leadership. Key to our approach is ensuring that strategy, policy, procedure and development around diversity and inclusive leadership is aligned, and supports the organisation’s vision and objectives. We bring best practice and forward thinking to any of these areas according to the client’s needs.

Developing forward thinking strategy and policy, for engaging wide-ranging internal and external stakeholder communities
“Very professional, engaging and always willing to listen to different perspectives, giving space to hear even the most difficult voices.”
Vice Chair
Metropolitan Police Independent Advisory Group