Organisations that capitalise on the true value of diversity are those that recognise it as a leadership challenge and not a game of numbers and compliance. Inclusive leadership embraces difference at its core and is concerned with the discernment and agility necessary to foster powerful relationships in any mix of stakeholders. It is a fundamental way of being and behaving that permeates the whole of leadership, not an add-on skill or policy to deploy in specific circumstances. It is fast becoming a key quality for success. The challenge for evolution is to heighten awareness, create new possibilities and build support mechanisms so that organisations are institutionally inclusive and make the most of the opportunities that our diverse world offers. At Turquoise Sky we are catalysts for this change.

We work in a focussed, systemic and integrated way with.....

cultural intelligence – the awareness you demonstrate of the core beliefs and values driving different cultures and communities; your ability to manage cross cultural conflicts, teams and learning; the ease with which you adopt appropriate and effective business practice for the situation; your ability to create even better outcomes through harnessing the talents from diverse groups.

surfacing unconscious bias – the deep rooted criteria you use to make decisions about people and situations; the healthy ways in which you can actively compensate for prejudices and preferences in your own style; the effect of emotional reactions and assumptions on your presence and impact; the helpful and unhelpful consequences of well intentioned positive affirmation for minority communities.

organisational systems – the overt and covert recognition and rewards that encourage inclusive behaviour; the ways in which key policies and procedures affirm as opposed to discriminate; your effectiveness in adapting the environment to suit diverse needs; your sophistication in using and creating the best media channels for reaching target audiences.

engaging the whole leadership community – the degree of time spent with the majority communities in evolving their own patterns; the strength of the business case for change and stakeholder engagement at different levels; leaders’ success in demonstrating and modeling best practice; the clarity and ownership that leaders and leadership teams have about their own part in the solution.

Our clients want to make a difference with their workforce now and in the future. We work with you in a way that brings both immediate, tangible results and long term sustainable growth, through facilitating.....

fresh perspectives – coming at diversity and inclusion from a leadership angle; being ahead of the game to help organisations grasp tomorrow’s opportunities today; provoking robust debate and feedback in a supportive and challenging environment; synthesising years of experience and expertise into simple, best practice approaches.

fresh experiences – conducting real play in leadership scenarios with people from different communities; experiencing challenge and reflection around own perceptions and behaviour; providing insightful opportunities for improvisation and experimentation; engaging in ‘what if’ conversations to explore concepts of inclusion and priorities for action.

real results – working towards measurable goals in the context of current challenges and the big picture; encouraging risk and pushing the boundaries; focusing on key levers, driving specific actions and embedding learning where it matters most; creating a strong sense of purpose, ownership and motivation.